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Chastity Programs International

Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution
WAKEUP’s dynamic Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution program has taken off like a rocket thanks to the work of our all volunteer committee. In the past year WAKEUP has brought chastity speakers and distributed chastity literature to 7th through 12th grade students in numerous Catholic schools in the Washington Metropolitan area. In the near future, we hope and pray we will be able to expand our efforts throughout all of Maryland.

WAKEUP has formed a partnership with the well known Pope John Paul II Cultural Center (JPIICC) (just across from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington) to bring nationally known chastity speakers to JPIICC. This institution was in the news this April because of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit during his visit to America. The magnificent statue of Our Lady of America upon its recent arrival from Italy graced the rotunda at the JPIICC. WAKEUP has consecrated its Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution program to Our Lady of America, whose principal message is the Message of Purity.

Numerous Ongoing Nationally Known Speakers
The JPIICC - WAKEUP partnership has planned several important chastity talks to be delivered by nationally known speakers such as Dr. Janet Smith, Angela King, and Mark Houck during the fall of 2008. Attendance at these events will be drawn from the Washington, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. Some of the same speakers will also participate in WAKEUP’s special event days at the JPIICC during the March for Life in January 2009. We are especially excited about reaching the thousands of high school students who come to the March for Life annually and are looking for something of special interest before and afterwards.

During the 2008-2009 school year WAKEUP’s chastity programming will continue to provide speakers to Catholic schools in our area. WAKEUP will also continue to bring nationally known speakers to the JPIICC for periodic talks on subjects related to Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution.

Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution
Our mission is to awaken the world to the current Culture of Death, and to change hearts to embrace the Culture of Life. Our current plan is to draw public attention to the erosion of the traditional family, the plight of the unborn, and to promote Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution, to our youth. This new thrust, promoting the restoration of traditional family values, and the practice of purity and chastity among our youth, will reduce sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and curb the avalanche of out of wedlock pregnancies and abortions that now take place in America and throughout the world.

Promiscuity a Virtue – VIRGINITY a Problem
Socially liberal elites continue the hijacking of our culture by controlling the entertainment media (TV, movies, rock music, MTV) and heavily influencing new technologies such as the internet, cell phones and iPods. These forces have transformed the social fabric of America and have made promiscuity a virtue and virginity a problem to be solved. Our youth, in both public and private schools, including Catholic schools, are heavily impacted by these forces.

77,000 Teenagers Relinquish their Virginity Every Day in the USA
In the process many will become pregnant and many more will contract a sexually transmitted disease. As we all know traditional family values have all but disappeared. Alternative “family” life styles such as co-habitation, and same sex relationships are being promoted and becoming more and more accepted. One study shows that since 1970, the number of Americans living together has increased from about 500,000 heterosexual couples to more than 5 million. In the United States from 1995 to 2005, the marriage rate has declined almost 20 percent. Nearly half of all high school students engage in sexual intercourse. One-third of all young women become pregnant before age 20. And, if all that is not bad enough, 4,600 youths between the ages of 10 and 24 commit suicide every year!

Planned Parenthood, the Flagship of Promiscuity and Abortion
The leading abortion provider in the U.S. kills over a quarter of a million pre-born children every year. Planned Parenthood is leading the destruction of the traditional family and the sexualization of our children. Planned Parenthood promotes all forms of contraception and all forms of sex, unlimited and unrestricted. They primarily target our youth as young as 10 years. In this attack, abortion is promoted as a means of contraception. They promote their own Humanist Manifesto religion that God does not exist. They proclaim there is no hereafter and thus no one to account to. Do whatever you want with whomever you want, whenever you want! That’s their message!

1 in Every 3 Persons is Living with an Incurable STD
This percentage is increasing each year. An additional 19 million people (52,000 each day) become infected with a STD each year. Half of these are incurable and will be lifelong infections. In the United States, the leading cause of poverty is single parent families, the number of which has increased steadily from 3.8 million in 1970 to over 15 million today. Single parent families experience more poverty, abuse of women and children, school dropouts, criminal behavior, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions.

Wakeup is Saving Young Persons Lives
Our past experience shows that these kinds of presentations are saving hundreds of young people each year from the harm and pain associated with premarital sexual activity. Our talks instill in them a more positive outlook on their own lives and the lives of others. The message of Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution calls them to a higher standard. As John Paul II himself has said, “Nothing surpasses the greatness and dignity of the human being.” The Chastity message encourages them to love their neighbor and to treat others as they would want others to treat them. It encourages them to be concerned with the well being of others, not to be self centered, to be generous, to have respect for life, to have respect for themselves, and to practice self-control. The result is more satisfying marriages, less divorce, and increased marital fidelity.

Openness to children, strong families, willingness to care for children and the elderly, better security for women and children, increased willingness to help others, and MORE RELIGIOUS VOCATIONS are other fruits of Chastity. Strong individual values and strong family values produce strong families which lead to a strong society, so sadly lacking in today’s American culture.

Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution movement among our young people is building a Culture of Life. By spreading the pro-life, purity and chastity messages to youth, we are stopping the tragedy of abortion at its root cause. Our presentations are informative, interactive and engaging. Feedback, from students and teachers, tells us that we are already filling a vacuum. These young people need and want to hear the message of Chastity, The New Sexual Revolution.