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Choose Life!

Helping Women Choose Life

Below is a short list of organizations Helping Women in Unplanned Pregnancies Choose Life - by preparing them to parent or release their babies to a loving adoptive family.  Also feel free to Contact Us if you need help in any way!

    Pregnancy Centers - A list of pregnancy care centers in the US and abroad. Searchable by state and country.

    BirthMothers Ministries - Providing one-on-one support in a non-judgemental way from a trained volunteer Birthmother Friend to a woman in an unplanned pregnancy, to help her evaluate the options of parenting and adoption.

    Lifeline Family Center is a non-profit Outreach Ministry as well as a Home and Learning Center.  We can provide you with accurate information on all options regarding unplanned pregnancy, including education on abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

    The Gabriel Project - Protecting and unborn and supporting the expectant mother by linking women in unplanned pregnancies with crisis pregnancy resources around the country.

Also see our Sanctity of Life page