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Baby Body Parts - For SALE!!!

Baby Body Parts Trafficking

Fee List for Baby Parts - It's true!  A list of fees paid by a pathology lab in Illinois for baby parts from aborted fetuses!

Stop Baby Body Parts Trafficking - A comprehensive web site dedicated to the education of the public on the lucrative business of buying and selling the body parts, organs, tissue, skin, and blood from aborted babies whose gestational ages range from a few weeks to full term.

Partial Birth Abortion - Medically accurate diagram, links and descriptions from the National Right to Life website.

The Baby Parts Industry - a special report from Covenant News


"When I was 19 years old and found out I was pregnant I only knew of two options - becoming a teenage parent or having an abortion.  The adoption option never even crossed my radar screen.  In my mind it was a no-brainer, so I visited the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  They told me I wasn't eligible for the procedure until I was 8 weeks pregnant, and I never asked why -- I just scheduled the appointment for a few weeks out.  What I know now is that baby body parts aren't worth anything until the fetus is at least eight weeks old."
                      - 38 year old post-abortive woman