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About W.A.K.E. U.P. - Approach

Through WAKEUP’s  Chastity Programs International (CPI) project, the Chastity message was brought to Catholic  schools, in the Washington Archdiocese in Maryland and the District of Columbia (DC), primarily in grades 7 through 10. according to the proven model of GenerationLIFE, a pro-life organization  which had been operating successfully in the Philadelphia  area since 2000.  Presentations were informative, interactive, and engaging.  The DC schools visited included the 14 schools included in the Center City Consortium which were dedicated to serving the educational needs of inner-city children.

Through WAKEUP’s Pro-life Educational Resource Center (PERC) speakers were provided to give pro-life and chastity related talks at various venues such as: West Virginia Respect For Life dinner; Youth and Family Planning Conference;  International Week of Prayer and Fasting, “Eucharistic Prayer Vigil”; and “Coffee and Conversation” at St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church  in Charlottesville, VA, near the U. of Virginia.

CDs/DVDs of chastity and abortion mill frontline experience talks by, and interviews with, PERC speakers were made for educational distribution and for information talk radio programs.  In response to the many requests our video on Trafficking of Baby Body Parts, “How Can I Breath,” which was periodically aired on Mother Angelica’s EWTN, for over two years, continued to be distributed.  

Chastity seminars were organized, centered around a guest chastity speaker, in conjunction with the Washington Archdiocese, the John Paul II Cultural Center and working closely with Defend Life Inc.  Guest Chastity speakers included such nationally well known experts as Janet Smith, the leading Catholic Theologian on sexual morality in America, and Professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan; Angela King and Rocky Rhoades for the Goretti Group, Dawn Eden of the Ambassadors Speakers Bureau, Mark Houck and Molly Green both of GenerationLife.

As president and founder of WAKEKUP I interviewed pro-life experts on my weekly National Pro-life Radio program, Chastity – The New Sexual Revolution.  Among the interviewees were Fr. Euteneuer, President of Human Life International, Anthony DiIulio, Executive Director of Gabriel Network, Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe vs. Wade, and, Mark Crutcher, Director of Life Dynamics.

On behalf of WAKEUP, as a post abortive woman, and, I have given and continue to give interviews on radio and news publications and give talks centered around the effects of abortion on women and encouraging a change to a culture of life. Five educational spots on chastity, as Public Service Announcements, were recorded and for several years were being broadcast on Catholic radio station WDOF (Defenders of the Faith) out of Berkley Springs, WV, repeatedly, every day.

I have been and continue to be a prominent part of a national campaign called “Silent No More” an organization designed to allow post abortive women to give testimony on how women were deceived concerning their abortions. I have been for some time and continue to be the national spokesperson for Operation Outreach, an effort to make Congress and Supreme Court  Justices aware of how abortion has harmed woman over the years.  Significantly I participated in a recent investigation conducted by Senator Brownback of Kansas.  

WAKEUP developed a watershed document on chastity WAKEUP Chronicles “A Return to the Virtues of Purity and Chastity as Requested by Our lady of America.” This second issue of WAKEUP Chronicles was devoted entirely to the virtues of purity and chastity. Quoting Missy Smith “After many years of working to overcome the scourge of legally killing unborn babies, I have come to the total and complete conclusion that until we return to the virtues of purity and chastity, the blood will continue to run”

A third issue of WAKEUP Chronicles, the design and development of which has been initiated, will also be devoted to the need to return to the virtues of purity and chastity and  will be centered around The Theology of the Body.  The third edition will be distributed to our youth who attend our talks, training sessions, conferences, and related pro-life educational sessions such as those presented by Defend Life Inc. and Lifeguard Inc. similar to the distribution of WAKEUP Chronicles ( (Baby Body Parts) and II (Chastity) which were successfully distributed in this manner and were and still are well received.

WAKEUP’s Warrior’s For Life program was designed to educate our youth and the general public on the horrors of abortion and the risk to woman who contemplate an abortion.   . Special literature tailored to specific abortion mills and especially in the case where women were injured or died from abortion, were developed for hand out to abortion minded women to educate them of the risk involved with abortion and how most post-abortive women regret their abortions.   Also, literature was developed to inform abortion minded women of the help available to them via pregnancy centers and Gabriel Network, including adoption assistance, if they change their hearts and decide to let their unborn child live.  

Of significance was the development and issuance of  WAKEUP’s own ‘Heart to Heart; news letter which focused abortion related topics including:  Woman’s Health; The Last Abortion Myth Dispelled (Rape and Incest Victims Don’t Want Abortions); The Dangers of MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration) for abortions; Despair Versus Hope regarding abortions; and, Sonograms Offered by Pregnancy Help Centers.

Over the years WAKEUP has developed and distributed a significant amount of literature in the form of flyers to be given out at abortion mills to abortion minded women encouraging  them to let their pre-born children live among which are: I Regret My Abortion; Trafficking of Baby Body Parts, Ru486 chemical abortion pills, Stop In the Name of Love comparing the Holocaust in Germany to the American abortion Holocaust; and, promoting a prayer rally at the abortion mill of the late term abortionist, Leroy Carhart in Germantown;

WAKEUP developed  several unique flyers warning abortion minded women of any wrongful deaths or botched abortions associated with the abortions which resulted in court decisions and law suits against the abortionist.  One of the abortionists warned about was associated with 3 wrongful deaths.  At Planned Parenthood on 16th Street NW in Washington DC abortion minded woman were and are still offered literature on a $50 million law suit against Planned Parenthood for medical malpractice, regarding a 13 year old girl who had an abortion and ended up cut up badly with half the baby remaining in her womb.  After being sent home after supposedly having a complete abortion, she needed emergence hospital care and now can never have children and may be in pain the rest of her life.  The woman settled out of court for $1.5 million.  A description of the medical malpractice suit and outcome was included in the flyer.

A not so heralded part of the WAKEUP program, the distribution of literature already developed by other pro-life entities, either purchased or available at no cost to WAKEUP, has greatly enhanced all of our operations.  This literature covers various aspects of chastity, help for pregnant women, post abortive help, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion procedures, abortion providers, and woman who regret their abortions.  Examples of this literature are:

“Were here for you…you’re not alone”
‘The Face of Choice”
“Did You Know”
“Project Rachel”
“After Abortion”
 Natural Family Planning”
”Pregnant? Here Are Your Options”
“Never to Live, Laugh, or Love”
“Eight Week Old Developing Baby”
“The First Nine Months”
“Graphic Photos Work”
“Do You Take Abortion Seriously”
“Forgotten Fathers – Men and Abortion”
“Silent No More”
“Broken Women”
“Crossroads – Taking Steps to Save Lives”
“Ten Reasons I Want…. an Abortion”
Fifty Million Dollar Lawsuit against Planned Parenthood
“Where have all the Black Children gone?”
“Abortion and Breast Cancer: The Link That Won’t Go Away”
“The single most avoidable risk factor for breast cancer is…”
“The Contraception Deception”
“NFP Over Contraception: A Strong Case”
“Who Was Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood)”
“Why Do We Oppose Planned Parenthood?”
“Planned Parenthood Steals Souls”
“Planned Parenthood – It’s not what you think.”
“Planned Parenthood – Stalking Every Community”
“Pornography – What the Church Teaches”
“The Top 10 Questions Teenagers Ask About Sex”
“Is Virginity Missing In Your Life”
“The Top 10 Questions Asked About Pornography”
“The Top 10 Questions People Ask About Homosexuality”
“Why Homosexual Unions are not Marriages”

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