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Sing a Little Louder
Are you doing anything to help or are you just singing a little louder?

Share your story of how abortion has hurt you in a Declaration Form
Help us end the pain of abortion.  Share your story of how abortion has hurt you in a Declaration Form.  A Declaration is a legally admissible testimony declaring under penalty of perjury that the information is true.  It is powerful to take before courts and legislatures in efforts to limit or ban abortion.  Operation Outcry is Restoring Justice! If you are a woman who has been hurt by abortion, you can share your story on the online declaration form.

Capitol Hill Ambassadors

Missy Smith started Capitol Hill Ambassadors to bring pro-life issues to law-makers and their staff.


2009 Action Alert - Wisconsin Hospitals to Perform Late Term Abortions

From American Association of Pro-Life OB-Gyn's

7/27/2007 - Commissioners' Letter

Letter to Montgomery County Council regarding attack on Pregnancy Centers

2nd Letter

The Examiner - Letter to the Editor regarding South Dakota law requiring abortionists to provide biological facts

A Humble Plea to the Holy See to for then Pope Benedict to meet with Pro-Lifers during his visit to the United States and to enforce denying the Holy Eucharist to Pro-Abortion Politicians (pdf)

Missy Smith on Night'T'Line Faceoff:
Roe vs. Wade

Past Events

40 Days for Life Kickoff (pdf)

9-Day Prayer Vigil at the Apostolic Nunciature

100 Days of Prayer (pdf)
Presidential Rosaries

Arrested Again!- Sit-in at Nancy Pelosi's Office (pdf)

Baby Shower (pdf)

Chastity Training Session (pdf)

2nd flier (pdf)

Sidewalk Counseling Training Program (doc)


Janet Smith (pdf)

Mark Houck (pdf)



NEA Protests

Defund Planned Parenthood Rally

Red Mass Protest
The Mass was for political leaders which included Pro-Abort Politicians!

Face the Truth Demonstrations
Warning - Graphic Images of Abortion

Missy Smith's 2010 Run for Congress

Missy Smith's 2012 Run for Vice President


Response to Adele Stan's AlterNet Article about Missy Smith
Missy Smith responds to "a highly inflammatory article that was filled with deliberate distortions of the truth" about her & other pro-lifers.