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Abortion & Women's Health

Women Deserve Better - A campaign dedicated to promote women-centered solutions to significantly reduce abortion and protect women's health.

ABC: The Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition - Medical facts about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Position Statement on Susan G. Komen for the Cure - St. Louis Archdiocese's position statement on Susan G. Komen for the cure issued 7 June 2006; revised 29 March 2007

Elliott Institute - Dedicated to the research and dissemination of post abortion issues (medical, emotional, etc)

Gardasil - 25 Dead, Thousands Suffer Complications*
*the numbers have increased since then

Montgomery County, MD attacks Pregnancy Centers

Letter to Montgomery County Council (Regarding Repeat Abortions) by John Naughton

Letter to Montgomery County Council (Regarding Consent) by John Naughton

Outspoken MP Slams Canada's "Abortion Regime"
By John Jalsevac, OTTAWA, November 27, 2009
(LifeSiteNews.com) - Despite the fact that Canada has one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world and that recent polls show that most Canadians would prefer to have some restrictions on abortion, the political pressure to keep the status quo on the issue is so firm that it is rare for a Canadian politician to even mention the issue, let alone critically...

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