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Sex Ed is Toxic!

September 9, 2008
Palin is right: Sex ed is toxic

By Dr. Judith Reisman

Bristol Palin's pregnancy has triggered widespread fear among some Americans eagerly egged on by media pundits.

The panic largely focuses on Gov. Sarah Palin's judgment that state-sponsored sexually "explicit" school sex education and easy access to abortion are detrimental to children and society.

Some people, otherwise attracted to the ticket, seriously worry that McCain-Palin will try to cut access to school sex ed and abortion.

Do the hard facts support Gov. Palin's negative opinion of "explicit sex education"? Sex education, by the way, is taught at Bristol Palin's high school.

The factual answer to that question is already on record. Note school sex education had known launch dates, 1948 and 1953, with two books by its founder, Indiana University zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey.

Kinsey stunned the world with thousands of statistics claiming Americans were hypocritical secret sexual adventurers in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" (1953). By 1989, the prestigious National Research Council, or NRC, divided American sexual morality into pre- and post-1950s. They called the division the "Pre- and Post-Kinsey Era."

The NRC said Kinsey's data changed sexual "standards of what was acceptable" in the USA. One devoted biographer, professor James Jones, said Kinsey planned "to undermine traditional morality" (like that of Gov. Palin).

"There is no way that the American public in the 1940s and the 1950s would have sanctioned any form of behavior that violated middle class morality on the part of the scientist who was telling the public that he was disinterested and giving them the simple truth."

The simple truth? For starters, Kinsey, a closeted bisexual sex addict, made up thousands of statistics in his books, aimed at creating his own bisexual utopia. Kinsey's utopia became our sexual hell. We called it "the sexual revolution."

Joseph Epstein wrote in Britannica.com, "Kinsey's message – fornicate early, fornicate often, fornicate in every possible way – became the mantra of a sex-ridden age, our age, now desperate for a reformation of its own."

Laura Linney, "Mrs. Kinsey" in "Kinsey," the Fox feature film, agreed that "any sort of sexual education that anybody has had in the past 50 years came right from the Institute." He "changed our culture completely. … [We are] post-Kinsey now."

True. There was no sex education until Kinsey, so his fraudulent sex statistics became the basis of all subsequent sex education. Teachers eagerly taught pre-marital virginity as hypocritical, sex-negative religious morality.