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Letter about Attack on Pregnancy Centers

Dear Montgomery County Council Members,

 Attached is Consent Form for Abortion. The generic form for Germantown and Prince Georges abortuaries can be seen at [abortionpages.com/patient-forms]

The form can also be found by going to the Reproductive Health Services web site: http://www.abortionpages.com/ and clicking on "[Patient] Forms."

This consent form identifies some of the risks of abortion. Note that "cervical tear" increases the risk of preterm delivery which is the leading cause of infant mortality and morbidity, including cerebral palsy in subsequent pregnancies. NARAL denies the risk of preterm delivery from abortion.

How can NARAL and  the MCC claim that pregnancy centers are "misleading women" when they tell them that abortion increases the risk of some of the same maladies that are on the abortuary consent form?  One has to conclude that in order for NARAL and MCC to be correct, abortuaries must be "misleading women."

Perhaps MCC should impose the same NARAL regulation on abortuaries that it seeks to impose on pregnancy centers.

MCC has itself in a bind doing the bidding of NARAL.

John Naughton

See Sample Consent Form Here (pdf)