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Missy Smith's Response to Adele Stan's AlterNet Article

WAKEUP Update January 2010
            Happy New Year to all our friends.  

            Wasn’t  that a great March for Life this year!  So many more than ever wonderful pro-lifers braved the cold and threat of rain and sleet to come to Washington DC, the capital of the free world, to celebrate life and petition our leaders to stem the tide of child killing. 

            Not so good was the need for me to apologize to WAKEUP supporters for the cancelation of a great education program planned for the John Paul II Cultural Center.

            WAKEUP is noted for it’s Chastity programs and abortion mill frontline support.  We also participate in Lifeguard’s Sidewalk Counseling Training Seminars and helping woman turned from abortion with long term assistance through St. Anne’s Helpers for Life. 

            I had received a call from the Cultural Center and was asked to bring in speakers for Jan. 21, 22 and 23rd of 2010 when hundreds of young people would be in town for the March for Life , as we had done in 2009.

            I made several calls and although it was short notice, I was successful in getting commitments from Operation Outcry, Silent No More, Lifeguard, the Insurrecta Nex team, and Bella Hero for a total of ten speakers including myself.  Operation Outcry and Silent No More would supply post abortive women to speak about the healing from the sin of abortion thru the mercy of Jesus Christ.  Dick Retta would have given his sidewalk counseling training session, the Insurrecta Nex team would have given their training on peaceful pro-life activism, Bella Hero would give a presentation and I would have given talks on the sacredness of sex and the need to keep it within the confines of marriage. 

            While we had great plans for all those young people coming to the March for Life the “evil one” had other plans, centered around a “Huffington Post” reporter, Adele Stan. Writing in her AlterNet website she trashing me and Insurrecta Nex leader Randall Terry.  It was a highly inflammatory article that was filled with deliberate distortions of the truth.   It was a short time after the murder of late term abortionist George Tiller.  She accused me of saying during my talk, at an Insurrecta Nex training session, in June, “it was time to get another abortionist” and of being an anti choice terrorist.  Needless to say, our great plans were cancelled. 

            I would never advocate violence towards anyone or anything.  My attorney was very concerned about this deliberate misrepresentation of what was said.  I called Adele Stan and left messages stating that what she said was not true and requesting she returns my calls.  She never returned my calls.

            Well, we need to forget past missed opportunities and move on to new ones.  We will keep you posted on future WAKEUP educational events. 

            Keep me and WAKEUP in your prayers 

God bless all of you,