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Commissioners' Letter


                The Commissioner’s Letter concerns a letter that was sent to the Commissioners of Insurance in Harrisburg , PA , Baltimore , MD and Washington , DC .  The purpose of the letter was an attempt to shut down the abortion operations of two diabolical abortion providers, Drs. Earl McLeod and Delhi Thweatt. The letters ask each commissioner to conduct a thorough investigation of the medical practices, of these two abortion providers, to determine if they meet the standards for practicing physicians in their jurisdiction.  The letter provided evidence showing  that a serious question exists as to whether these two individuals should be insured in the named jurisdictions.

          Drs. McLeod and Thweatt have a history of disregard for safe practices and lack of concern for the women on whom they commit the crime of abortion.  Information was forwarded showing women who have abortions at the hands of these two are at high risk. They had already been named in the wrongful deaths of three women.  Also provided in the letters were federal tax leins and judgment information for unpaid taxes which Delhi Thweatt owes.  Delhi Thweatt has had 21 lawsuits filed against him in Baltimore , Maryland , three of which are for domestic violence.

          This valiant effort was unsuccessful as each of the area commissioners found excuses as to why they did not find terminating insurance as a valid or appropriate option.  

            Despite the failure of the Commissioner’s Letter to shut down the abortion operations of Drs. McLeod and Thweatt, the letter was beneficial in that it promoted the awareness of the horrific crime against humanity perpetrated by abortion providers and the abortion industry as a whole.

Read Commissioners' Letter Here (pdf)