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W.A.K.E. U.P. is dedicated to a return to the Virtues of Purity and Chastity as Requested by Our Lady of America to Sr. Mary Ephrem, of the Sisters of The Precious Blood in apparitions in the 1950s: “I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives.” (OurLadyofAmerica.org)

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New Article!  Did you know that when a human being begins to exist is a scientific issue and not a philosophical or religious one? And, that the science on this question has been settled for a long time? Did you also know that the scientific experts to ask about this fundamental question are
those in the science of Human Embryology? Read more... (pdf).

W.A.K.E.U.P. was founded on December 8, 1999 when the news of the trafficking of baby body parts was reported on in the secular press.  The Washington Times  reported that a fetal tissue technician, Dean Alberti, stated he worked for a broker named “Opening Lines,” filling orders from pharmaceutical companies, universities and research labs for baby body parts. 

The information in this article was hair-raising to say the least and it propelled me into pro-life activism in a big way. 

I was joined by four other equally horrified women who came together to pray for direction.  Within moments we were inspired with the acronym WAKEUP.    We said ”Enough was enough!”  We had to bring down ‘the code of silence’ that surrounded what Senator Bob Smith (R. NH) stated on the floor of the senate was the “dirty little secret of the abortion industry.”

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